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Riding lessons
We are the first and only horse riding school for biteless riding in Greece

By riding without a bit the sensitive mouth of the horse is protected, the horse learns to respond to subtle signals and creates a new, trusting relationship between man and horse. We teach how to ride with bitless bridle and to ride with a neck ring and without a saddle. We focus on minimizing the equipment. We show you how to train your horse so that harmony is possible, how to build confidence and attention.

A bite is not a necessity.
In western riding young horses are usually ridden with a  bitless bridle. Only when they go well, the bit is introduced slowly.
Beginners "only"  ride with a bitless bridle.
The unsturdy rider's hands would become too strong and painful on the horses mouth. If the hands are quiet,
the students can learn on a mouthpiece.
We ride mainly  with Sidepulls or Biteless Bridels. The Sidepull is similar to a halter, with reinforced noseband. The Sidepull only affects the nose and has its origin from the Western riding. The Sidepull is here with a clear lateral train - according to the name -  it will help the young horse to learn the sideway riding aids. Therefore, the Sidepull is never used alone, but always with legs, weight or using reins of the opposite rein, which is only applied to the neck.

Learn to ride in a relaxed and informal atmosphere for both horse and rider

The riding instructions are held in private lessons or in small groups (max. 4).

We allow children (from 3 years) to join our riding kindergarden.
They will learn the basics of horse care and riding in a playfull way

For children aged 12 years and adults we offer riding lessons in the arena and out on a hack

We offer Horseback riding, trail riding, theory lessons and a wide range of courses such as loading a horse on a trailer, ground work etc.

For example, Indian or Mongolian ride biteless. They can also cotrol their horses without any bit perfectly. Nevertheless, the majority of riders,think that a horse without a bit in its mouth does not stop or steer.

It's much better if the horses are ridden without a bit even by beginners and young children. Especialy because the young and unexperienced riders pull too much on the reins and the horse would get an injured mouth when wearing a bit.

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