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For younger guests there is an adventurous knight playing castle with a slide, climbing ropes, towers, windows and doors, many leaders, a tire swing, a baby swing and a fireman's pole to slide down. Toys such as this climbing tower, are just the right support for your children. Children's imagination turns a climbing tower to more than a toy made out of wood. - They turn into  pirate ships, castles, and indeed to all what children imagine. The playground is free of charge and everyone is welcome, but we are not a public playground, so please look at our playground rules. (below)

Unser Spielplatz
For safety reasons, children must be accompanied by an adult. Leaving the children unsupervised for some time at the playground  this is done at your own risk . There is no care or supervision of children by the Arion team. For damages, accidents, etc. relating to playing in the park, no liability is assumed. Parents are responsible for theire children.

Accompanying persons are responsible for their children The use of the equipment is at your own risk.

We hereby point out that we have no medical training. In an emergency we have the right to call  first the ambulance and then to notify the escorts.

No liability is assumed for users' own clothing, glasses, valuables, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience.

All playing equipment and facilities should be treated with care. If there are any defects please let us know immediately. Property damage, such as picking our flowers and so on should be solved at the expense of the Accompanying person.

The instructions of the Arion team is to be followed.

For hygienic reasons and for reasons of accident prevention, it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks .  For safety reasons, the use of glasses and glass bottles in the play areas is strictly prohibited.

Our animals will eat almost anything we give them, but not everything is good for them, it can make them very ill, for these reasons it is strictly forbidden for visitors to feed the animals.

By entering our site Arion Stables the visitors have to follow these house rules.

Playground rules, house rules

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