Arion          Stables
Our horses  manly get food high fiber, hay in large quantities, as is forage with horses in the most equitable food.
We give concentrate feeding based on the performance of the horse, in the form of pellets (composition of cereals, maize, mineral supplements, vitamins and trace elements).Also we fed mineral supplements.

We love our horses.  We are keen to keep our horses as horse friendly as possible. That is why we built the stable so that each box has a paddock, so that the horses always have the opportunity to stay outside in the fresh air. Some of our horses were under-fed, neglected, and mis-treated we bought them from cruel horse dealers and saved them from starvation.

The majority of our  horses are Haflinger horses with a height of 142-148 cm. Our horses are riden "bitless".
And one more thing we want to align to our riding guests on behalf of our horses: A rider's weight of 80 kg is perfectly fine, and almost all horses can live with 90 kg still good. But more than 90 kilos is very difficult. In this respect, our current limit for the rider's weight is at 90 kg

Our horses
Gudy is our princess, she is not only beautiful but also extremely intelligent and hardworking. Spanish walk,  to compliment and lie down is no problem for her. With beginners in the arena she can remain standing in the corner like a donkey . Outside she is 100% safe and obedient. Mostly Gudy is only ridden by Zara and in the summer she mostly works in front of the carriage. Gudy is our wedding  horse together with Darla they pull the carriage, she is gun and rocket proof.

(Haflinger, born. 11. Mai 2003, 142 cm)

Nickname Gudymaus and Gudypuss
Our dear Darla, Darla is a very nice horse with a strong personality (this is what makes her so special), she is very strong and totally fearless. She has already taught many people to ride. In the square she's pretty stubborn and lazy, but in the fields, she is really fast and active. Darla teaches the riders to work more with the legs and to use more weight aids instead of pulling the rains. With to much pulling the reins she reacts with stubbornness and then goes sometimes in the opposite direction. Galopping in the court is not her thing but outside in the field she is comfartable like a sofa. Darla is perfeckt for small children and people with physical or mental disabilities, as she cares brilliant for her riders on her back , before someone falls Darla simply stops.

(Haflinger, born. 10. May 2000, 148 cm)
Nickname Darli and Dalli

Isabella a lovable lazybone, her mane is always a mess. She loves cuddles and best of all treats. she may jump very good, but you must push her  very strong to go foreward, in the group she mutates from lazy to crazy (a Ferrari), and for dressage she is very talented. We love Isabella the way she is, she is a good carriage horse, with a lot of other potentials.

(Haflinger, born. 20. January 2004, 144 cm)
Nickname Isi and Isipuh
Apollo is the Youngster of our  horses, we are riding (braking) him in at the moment. He is super good under saddle and with the ground work. He is extremely motivated and does very well, he is a great horse, but when his girls are on the ridingfield with him, he is popping the fuses. He has a great character and is very balanced, at the moment he is still a stallion and lives together with the mares on the open barn.

(Haflinger, born 7.March 2008, 145 cm)
Nickname Macho and Bubby
In the square, she can (still) do not much, but she is very motivated and obidient. Outside she is a great friend and quite fast on the road. Avra is really fun to ride.

She was born and grew up here with us. She was our first foal, Darla is her mother. She has a big nose, which she puts into everything. Avra is a dream horse, she is very obedient for her age,  sometimes still a little bit afraid because she is so young, she is not suitable for beginners and unsecure ridesrs

(Haflingermix, born 21. March 2007, 142 cm)
Nickname Avri and Avramausi
She is a great carriage horse and a good friends, we love her very much
On the lunge she goes her good rounds and has already taught many children and adults to ride. She testing advanced riders and can take of like a rocket, she can spooke sometimes, or can be frightened here and there. With beginners,she turns into a sleeping pill and does everything in slow motion

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