Arion          Stables
Besides horses and ponies we keep many other animals to love and care. We all love our animals very much so;

Please ensure that your children pet tenderly and respect our animals. Our animals are not toys, they have their own character and will. We understand also that  feeding is a lot of fun, but many foods that we perceive to be good, can harm the animals, so the feeding is strictly PROHIBITED.

Thank you for your understanding

Our other animals

These are our Great Danes, they are indeed enormous, but they are totaly cuddly dogs. Unfortunately, we have only two left, our dearest Nifada died on Valentines day 2011 of old age. We will never forget her and cherish her forever. She was our first animal and our first dog.

These are our dwarf goats with their babys, all of our goats have names and they love to be petted.

With us there are plenty of turtles, they were all brought to us as many children had lost interest in them, or the container in which they  were kept got too small for them.

We also have two tortoises with the names Casiopaia and Jupiter.

Left our ram Danonito and right his girls: Wolly, Teeny and Tieny. Our Danonito is a real cuddly sheep, he can not get enough of cuddles.

Except for a few rabbits, we also have three cute guinea pigs, three naughty boys who jump happily around.
Daisy is an old donkey, she is very old and has experienced a lot of bad things, one eye is missing. Within three weeks she has settled in  with us, we are very glad that she feels happy here.

We have two cats, a black and white one, Lucky and Flakey. On this photo Lucky rides Nifada.

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