Arion          Stables
Some of our horses were under-fed, neglected, and mis-treated we bought them from cruel horse dealers and saved them from starvation.
We do our best for the poor and mis-treated animals and give them a good home for theire rest of theire life. But we can not take every stray animal like dogs or cats which are taken to us, because also we are reaching our time and financial limits.
If we take an animal in, we want to take care for it a 100% , to keep a dog in a kennel all day or a horse all day  in the stable is not in our sense.

Our rescued animals

Mizo our black great dane came as a spoiled teen to us, he was extremely dominant and anxious, his owners had no time for him and wanted him no more. We took him into our dog family . He is a very restless and very active dog, fairly typical for a great dane. He needs a lot of time and patience.

Amun, we saved him  from starvation, he was just a skeleton. We gave him all our love and attention, at that time we did not have our stables. He recoverd quickly and  settled in quickly. He was a real cuddley bear, very fond of children and very calm. Unfortunately, he only got 5 years old.

Unfortunately Anulas last owner had to give her away  for personal reasons. She was an extremely difficult horse that nobody wanted. Therefore, she was given to us, first we regreted that we had taken her, because Zara had to do all sorts to calm her down, and lifting her hoofs was a real struggle. She bite, dident accept the saddle or cleaning  and bolted in a racing gallop through the arena. Today she is a lamb, only during the saddling she can be a little bitchy but under the saddle she is just a dream.

Follow is our 1€ horse, we bought him for 1€. We had never seen such a thin horse, you could see each single spine and count the ribs. Everybody told us that we were crazy, because nobody believed in his recovery. He was lame on his feet, all feet were totally deformed and his joints cracked. He recovered in a short time but he fattened very slowly. We work him every day min. 20 minutes, because as the saying goes, "If you rest you rust. "

Beauty, we bought her together with her  foal Ashanty from a horse trader, she was in a terrible state, both were extremely anxious, nervous, emaciated and haggard, Beauty looked totally unkempt. It took us very long until we could  handle her foal. We felt terribly sorry for her, "she snapped at the kids and took off like a rocket, after a lot of ground work and loving devotion, beauty feels at home with us, she  is less fearful.

Daisy is an old donkey lady, it was love at first sight. We do not know what happened to her, but she is very anxious and has changed very often her owners. Her right eye is missing and her back is sagging, she kicks out if you touch her back legs. She is born about 1986 or earlier. We suspect she was beaten a lot. Every day we stroke Daisy all over, so that she no longer has such great fear. And we try as often as we can to takes her for little walks.

Charly came to us in the spring of 2010 he was emaciated, haggard and extremely anxious, it took us long before we were able to touch him. Charly is Zara's most faithful friend, he goes everywhere with her and does not leave from her side, we also call him Zara's shadow.


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